Yet Still She Rises

Miriam E. Miles

This dissonance: this place of waking yet sleeping, the deep sleep of non-commitment, the place of non-revealing and in this, the paradox: asleep yet awake, committed, yet unattached, revealing, yet hidden still.

This is the dichotomous contrast, the yin-yang of existence where one desires to birth the seeds of revelation yet is constantly pressed by this quarrelsome juxtaposition of disbelieving belief.

Possible, it is, to breathe both the desire and the fear, to both reach for the universe and bury one’s hands under the ground.

And so the push and pull births a polymorphic existence from which the Phoenix can rise.

Phoenix is an abstract poetic exploration of acknowledgement, facing the hard stuff and finding healing. Each poem reveals a portion of the road travelled and is a transparent and sincere study of a mind fighting its way free from illness, grabbing hold of spiritual hope and setting itself free.

This collection is focused on the real intersection between mental illness and connecting with spirituality and healing, giving an opportunity to open up the conversation about the power of God that undergirds Miriam’s journey from illness to wellness.

Phoenix is accessible, written in a none-threatening and non- judgmental style. It allows the reader free and open access to embrace Miriam’s journey and connect with their own.

Published Work

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