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  • Poetically Speaking: David Tensen

    Poetically Speaking: David Tensen

    Today’s Poetically Speaking: voices of the 21st century interview is with the insightful David Tensen. We discuss the power of poetry in the 21st century, how poetry is an offering, putting our words onto the table for others to experience and the privilege to be able to write poetry.

  • Poetically Speaking: Elizabeth Snow

    Poetically Speaking: Elizabeth Snow

    Elizabeth Snow, a South Australian poet, writes from the heart, expressing her view of the world through free form poetry. She shares about coming back to writing, learning new skills and about the importance of never letting your voice be silenced.

  • Poetically Speaking: Helen Brown

    Poetically Speaking: Helen Brown

    We interviewed Helen Brown, author of Whispers from on High, who overcame obstacles to achieve her life-long dream of being a writer. Read more about Helen on Poetically Speaking.

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