Maturing in Christ comes at a cost but his mercies are new every morning

It is these moments I am learning to cherish. For it is within the words spoken with brevity and solemnity that I recognize the true voice of the Father and can heed his deep wisdom.

And so, she soars

She feared the tide - the ebb and flow of her mind’s capacity - for so long that she almost forgot the sound of it’s gentle swoosh along the shore, the pebbles of creativity pushed gently, purposefully forward. Tide, Miriam E. Miles Then one day the sun shone so brightly it stopped a wave in … Continue reading And so, she soars

Phoenix just landed on my doorstep!!!

This just happened - Phoenix just landed on my doorstep and I couldn’t be more excited. They look incredible and it’s so awesome to finally have real paperbacks in my hands. Get Your Copy Now! Want a copy? Now is the time to get yours as I only printed 50 copies and they’re already selling … Continue reading Phoenix just landed on my doorstep!!!

Polymorphic Harmony

  It is a gift we humans have, to be able to ponder our own thoughts and distinguish our unique existence in a world filled with chaos, the mundane and mind-numbing repetition. It is a privilege to be able to think about our thoughts and take hold of deeper understanding. Let us always be diligent, … Continue reading Polymorphic Harmony

Find What Makes You Tick and Let it Energise You

Okay, so I am a little buzzed right now. Nothing life changing happened. I didn't have some grand epiphany either. But I have been doing something in the past couple of weeks that has been slowly but surely shifting my thinking and giving me an energy I didn't know I could have. You ready for … Continue reading Find What Makes You Tick and Let it Energise You