F@%K Hospital Corners – Just Make the Darn Bed: How Choice Influences Self-Respect.

I didn't understand the power that comes from respecting my own space; that being clean, tidy and organised isn't about keeping up with the Stepford Wives, but about truly loving who I (and my family, by extension) am.


It’s time to be selfish and make choices that reconcile who we are in order to be of use to society.

When we believe someone or something has authority over us, we find ourselves saying we 'have to, we must, we should, we ought to'. We are giving this something or someone else the power over our time, energy, resources and directio

Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Just a quick post today as I am rushing about like a headless chook. A funny thing happened about half an hour ago and I just wanted to share it with you. I got up at 6 and feeling tired, wondered if I might skip the poetry group I am planning to go to today. … Continue reading Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement