expect it

Sometimes a gift of validation, possibly the most significant and long-lasting kind of gift, is given to someone so completely surprised by the offering that it settles deeply into their heart, watering and replenishing the soul, refreshing the mind and establishing moments of sweet reflection for the recipient.

Even a seemingly small and insignificant gift has the power to transform the way a person feels they are viewed by others. The gift itself is not the significant part – it’s the thought, the intention and the action of the giver that shouts from the rooftop, ” I appreciate you!”. It is a singular (and probably insignificant) moment that will undoubtedly become etched into the recipient’s life story, a moment in time marked by the sweet swell of knowing they have been seen by another.

So the next time you feel a seemingly insignificant prompt to share a thought, a little gift or another form of appreciation, do it. You’ve no idea how significantly it will impact the person and how much it will do for you as well.

Sometimes the smallest gesture is the most powerful. An impromptu gift from a student at work (aka high school) who waltzed into our wellbeing hub and gave me and other colleagues these adorable little pompoms.

Sure, she was probably meant to be in class but she’s one of those students who takes her time to trust people and her journey is a rough one, so this moment, where she was free and sweet and filled with loveliness just touched my heart so much.

We must treasure these moments for they remind us of the beauty of humanity in amidst all the chaos.

A tiny little pompom: an impromptu gift from a student who reminded me of the importance of being there for these wonderful teenagers 🙂


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