Schedule Power Down Sessions to Silence the Voice of Guilt

As part of Mental Health Month, I will be sharing more on what my day to day life can be like as a Christian living with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I hope to uncover some real life battles that go on and how I am learning to manage the onslaught, fight the battle and come out stronger in my faith and my wellbeing.

What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote? 

I've been thinking about suffering lately. I am coming to believe that we live in a society that values happiness and it's continual pursuit over the necessity of acknowledging struggle, fear, grief and suffering.   This leaves many of us feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. It sends a message that if we can't find happiness we … Continue reading What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote?