Chaos is everywhere and we’re all overwhelmed, but here’s why anxiety should take a back seat.

I find myself very teary this week. There are so many issues right now stirring me up and not one of them is less important than another. The tragic and horrific death of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement with growing protests across the world and the unrest in Hong Kong. All the COVID-19 stuff rumbling around the media and the intense anxiety of waiting for news of a 14-year-old autistic teenager lost in the dense Australian bush. It’s like all these things sit right under the surface of my skin, knitting themselves in...

Phoenix just landed on my doorstep!!!

This just happened - Phoenix just landed on my doorstep and I couldn’t be more excited. They look incredible and it’s so awesome to finally have real paperbacks in my hands. Get Your Copy Now! Want a copy? Now is the time to get yours as I only printed 50 copies and they’re already selling … Continue reading Phoenix just landed on my doorstep!!!

Mental Wellness Monday: Real Resources for Aussies

We are living in extraordinary times and each person's capacity to manage the daily, sometimes hourly, changes to our lifestyles is being stretched to the limit. Thankfully, we have a ton of wonderful resources, services and support to help us get through. I've listed some favourites below. The links are focussed around the current COVID-19 … Continue reading Mental Wellness Monday: Real Resources for Aussies

A little bit of publicity is good for the soul

Hello, just a quick one this morning. Amidst all the crisis talk and daily updates regarding COVID-19 coronavirus, I discovered my book has been listed in an update on Christian Writers Downunder; a welcome bit of happy news. About CWD This is an awesome bunch of writers who support each other through the virtual world … Continue reading A little bit of publicity is good for the soul

It’s time to be selfish and make choices that reconcile who we are in order to be of use to society.

When we believe someone or something has authority over us, we find ourselves saying we 'have to, we must, we should, we ought to'. We are giving this something or someone else the power over our time, energy, resources and directio

Looking with eyes closed

This post does not pull any punches. It's about homelessness, the reality of self and personal agendas. It is not targeted at anyone but myself and the experiences I have recently had on this topic. I realise it may not sit well with people. Please consider your responses before you comment. I appreciate you reading my … Continue reading Looking with eyes closed

Find What Makes You Tick and Let it Energise You

Okay, so I am a little buzzed right now. Nothing life changing happened. I didn't have some grand epiphany either. But I have been doing something in the past couple of weeks that has been slowly but surely shifting my thinking and giving me an energy I didn't know I could have. You ready for … Continue reading Find What Makes You Tick and Let it Energise You

How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder

Managing a mental illness, chronic illness or otherwise debilitating condition can be extremely difficult. Add to that 'simple' things, such as household tasks, paying bills and weeding the garden and these simple tasks turn into uncrossable mountains. We all have to deal with housework and I can honestly say that it has never been something … Continue reading How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder