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  • validate me, validate me not

    validate me, validate me not

    By Miriam E. Miles

  • Real McCoy

    Real McCoy

    By Miriam E. Miles

  • succulent


    By Miriam E. Miles

  • Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

    Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

    When the voice of God speaks it is to say a thing so necessary that all other things said around it fall away. We are quick to take every lovely thought and turn it into God’s words, and whilst they most likely are, they are not automatically his pointed speech toward our lives and direction…

  • Be Imperfect

    Be Imperfect

    There’s a reason we’re all still here – why we don’t get swept up to heaven the second we become Christians. It’s because we still need each other. We grow when we connect, tune in, and love on each other. We expand our humanity when we open up, become vulnerable to trusted family and friends,…

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