The Big Wigs and The Author

A short story about self belief and hope. Everyone called her an author, though she did not believe it herself until the day her words were recognised by The Big Wigs. The sad thing was that her words were always being recognised by those around her - her truest fans. Family and friends doing life … Continue reading The Big Wigs and The Author

And so, she soars

She feared the tide - the ebb and flow of her mind’s capacity - for so long that she almost forgot the sound of it’s gentle swoosh along the shore, the pebbles of creativity pushed gently, purposefully forward. Tide, Miriam E. Miles Then one day the sun shone so brightly it stopped a wave in … Continue reading And so, she soars

Reconciled Chapter 3. A miserable weekend and a mystery to solve.

If you’ve not read from the beginning, you can start here. Chapter 3, Scene 1 It rained from Friday night until Monday morning. After such a massive week, no one really wanted to go out anyway, and the mood was as damp as the house. Even Hannah’s Moodle, Shelby, seemed to drag herself around, plopping … Continue reading Reconciled Chapter 3. A miserable weekend and a mystery to solve.

Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache

If you've not read from the beginning, you can start here.  Hannah stood by the sink looking out into the yard. Her eyes locked onto the two figs trees, planted when each child was born. They had grown into each other’s space, intrinsically bound and supported by each other’s existence. Hannah often felt that this … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache

Reconciled Chapter 2 A Family Feud

Hannah swung her tired feet from the car, shut the icy door and walked briskly to the front door of the house. Before she’d even turned the handle, she could hear the chaos ensuing. Bracing herself, she quietly slipped inside hoping not to be noticed until she could work out which room to avoid.

Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Just a quick post today as I am rushing about like a headless chook. A funny thing happened about half an hour ago and I just wanted to share it with you. I got up at 6 and feeling tired, wondered if I might skip the poetry group I am planning to go to today. … Continue reading Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

I'm having a little bit of split identity here - I write in all these styles, and others, and so often here the phrase 'niche yourself'. Apparently I am meant to niche myself. Um, well, that might be fine for some people, but I'm not like some people. Sorry. I am one of those gals … Continue reading Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

The Blancing Act Between Work and Work

I used the think that authors spent their days just working on their novels, hidden away in some tiny paper laden room or spread out on a deck chair tapping away on their laptops (actually, this is the extreme version, of course!), but since setting up a business to support authors in their pursuit to self publish, I have discovered that this is not the case at all.

Mint, Method and Musings…

But while I sat there, picking off grubs from the rich smelling mint, I 'watched' her from my main characters' point of view. Imagination is a wonderful thing. And being able to sit with this character and kind of 'method act' with her and think about the joint past they share, has also provided my main character with some insight into their relationship.

Time flies when you’re…

The good news is that this morning I sat down and worked until I had tipped over the 8,000 word mark. This made me very happy and I now have 41,800 words to write. As tomorrow is the 8th, I now have 22 days in which to do this and if I can write 1900 words per day I will complete the challenge.