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Poems, prose, and devotionals in audio format. All work copyright of Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved.

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Stil unborn: Spoken word poem

I stumbled across this unedited audio file and have little memory of having written it and no idea where the penned version is. The timestamp is from December 2019, and I know that I was in a state of internal frustration and impatience having been made redundant from a job I thought I was meant to be in for years to come and not knowing what steps I should take next.

I had a growing sense at the time that something was being reshaped in me and had murmurings in my heart to pull together a poetry collection. Why this piece did not make the cut, I do not know but as I listened to it today, I heard the cracking of the chrysalis and the beating of fragile wings transformed into a battle-hardened phoenix rising from the ashes.

Shortly after this piece was recorded, I put my collection, Phoenix, together and when COVID hit my world turned upside down. The following two years have been a true breaking free from my past and stepping into a new understanding of myself and the world around me.

If you’re interested in more of my poetry, you can learn more about Phoenix here and click the Poems tab for more of my work.


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