What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote? 

I’ve been thinking about suffering lately. I am coming to believe that we live in a society that values happiness and it’s continual pursuit over the necessity of acknowledging struggle, fear, grief and suffering.

This leaves many of us feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. It sends a message that if we can’t find happiness we must be broken.

BUT I believe that it takes greater strength and courage to acknowledge the past and present fears and pains and sit with suffering once in a while.

By allowing ourselves time for processing what we experience we gain perspective and I believe more capacity to see hope and experience joy. We gain the capacity to lift others up as well.

Happiness, in and of itself, is a fruitless pursuit. Let’s pursue perspective, joy and acceptance. Then perhaps we will also experience healing and happiness will become less important.

May you be blessed today as you reach for hope.

~ Miriam

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