Light Bearers

We are the Light Bearers, we carry firelight in our bones, our sinews resonate with its pulse, our blood dances to its beat. And we are Lights’ super-spreaders, yet hide under a bushel, snuffing it out when trouble comes, turning it down to soften the blow. Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash Still, we are … Continue reading Light Bearers

Chaos is everywhere and we’re all overwhelmed, but here’s why anxiety should take a back seat.

I find myself very teary this week. There are so many issues right now stirring me up and not one of them is less important than another. The tragic and horrific death of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement with growing protests across the world and the unrest in Hong Kong. All the COVID-19 stuff rumbling around the media and the intense anxiety of waiting for news of a 14-year-old autistic teenager lost in the dense Australian bush. It’s like all these things sit right under the surface of my skin, knitting themselves in...

God is still speaking

I have been through many seasons of hearing from God and this one is certainly one of the more challenging ones! But please be encouraged by this. On January 12th I was in church and felt prompted to write something down. This is what I felt God say to me, and I thought it was … Continue reading God is still speaking

A little bit of publicity is good for the soul

Hello, just a quick one this morning. Amidst all the crisis talk and daily updates regarding COVID-19 coronavirus, I discovered my book has been listed in an update on Christian Writers Downunder; a welcome bit of happy news. About CWD This is an awesome bunch of writers who support each other through the virtual world … Continue reading A little bit of publicity is good for the soul

COVID-19: How are we going to respond?

It's Sunday morning and the sun is streaming into my apartment. Yet the world has only one focus right now, and like Sauron's Eye, we are transfixed on COVID-19 and how it is transforming not only our economic and social landscape but our mental landscape. And try as I might not to be, my heart … Continue reading COVID-19: How are we going to respond?