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  • Power


    Miriam E. Miles

  • forgiveness


    Miriam E. Miles

  • Write the truth or don’t write at all

    Write the truth or don’t write at all

    We live in a society that swells with saccharine, predictable, cookie-cutter creativity and shun (or at the very least, tolerate) that which causes the breath to trip, the mind to lurch, and the heart to stop with its brazen approach to arrest us and force us

  • We were never going to be enough

    We were never going to be enough

    There is an exquisite beauty in discovering that we are unable to do this life thing on our own. To know that we are guided, gently and intentionally toward the heart of the One who loves us most, is the one pure gift that can never be measured. Humility isn’t about declaring we can’t do…

  • Mai Tai

    Mai Tai

    By Miriam E. Miles

  • validate me, validate me not

    validate me, validate me not

    By Miriam E. Miles

  • salt


    Don’t look back, He said, lest you turn to salt; it’s time to do new things, and forget the old – every day is a new day – His mercies are new every morning…

  • Anchor


    My boat sits atop the ocean, the sky, and waves indistinguishable in the dead of night. I sense the wave coming and brace

  • Humble pie

    Humble pie

    I have become quite uncomfortable with the level of humility God seems to want me to experience.

  • Excuse Me, But Which Way to Encounter God?

    Excuse Me, But Which Way to Encounter God?

    I’ve been reflecting lately on the way we relate to God and what the experience of having a relationship with him might really be like if we move beyond the standard metrics we’ve come to accept.

  • Keeping the Faith in Unsafe Places

    Keeping the Faith in Unsafe Places

    As a 21st Century Christian living in a country that prioritises religious freedom, it’s a common understanding that community is paramount to growth;

  • Be Imperfect

    Be Imperfect

    There’s a reason we’re all still here – why we don’t get swept up to heaven the second we become Christians. It’s because we still need each other. We grow when we connect, tune in, and love on each other. We expand our humanity when we open up, become vulnerable to trusted family and friends,…

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