The Colliding

Phoenix by Miriam E Miles - The Colliding
(c)2020 Miriam E. Miles.

What is The Colliding about?

The Colliding was a poem that pushed itself to the surface a few weeks into putting my collection for Phoenix together. It really took me by surprise which is a wonderful feeling and one I hope never leaves me.

This poem explores the reality of a God who is Father and one who has chased me down over and over, pulling me back from the brink countless times.

What is the significance of the structure of this poem?

I was looking through some artwork and considering what pieces I might use in the collection, I was struck by the sense that this piece revealed the largeness of God. Suddenly I was struck by the first line and the rest poured out from my soul in minutes.

Clash of the Titans, by Miriam E. Mile
(c)2020 Miriam E. Miles

What is my favourite line in this piece?

His voice raging against the seas of my pain would have to be the line that really grabs my heart every time. It is here, as I wrote these lines, that I felt God reveal the gravitas of His pursuit of me, of us, despite the way we push against Him.

What have I learned about my life from writing The Colliding ?

Writing this poem, in particular, provided a revelation of the goodness, patience and mercy of the God I believe in and serve. Regardless of how often I push Him away, he pursues, just like David said, just like the Song of Songs speaks of; He just doesn’t give up. And this is a lesson I thought I understood, now realise I have not fully understood, and recognise I am yet to understand further.

I hope my little exploration of this poem has been an interesting read for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the poem, or on your own journey – please share in the comments.

Much love,


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