Light Bearers

We are the Light Bearers, we carry firelight in our bones, our sinews resonate with its pulse, our blood dances to its beat. And we are Lights’ super-spreaders, yet hide under a bushel, snuffing it out when trouble comes, turning it down to soften the blow. Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash Still, we are … Continue reading Light Bearers

Grit by Miriam E. Miles

Never before have I felt the pull so strong, to put pen to paper, declare I belong on the page. The written stage - this place I know; this place called home - heart in ink yet my deep instinct to safe harbour my thoughts and come up short - Oh well, I tried I … Continue reading Grit by Miriam E. Miles

A little bit of publicity is good for the soul

Hello, just a quick one this morning. Amidst all the crisis talk and daily updates regarding COVID-19 coronavirus, I discovered my book has been listed in an update on Christian Writers Downunder; a welcome bit of happy news. About CWD This is an awesome bunch of writers who support each other through the virtual world … Continue reading A little bit of publicity is good for the soul