Tag: anxiety

  • water-logged


    sopping up the dribble, hands and feet, fretting over every drop, its stain on the floor, its presence

  • Anchor


    My boat sits atop the ocean, the sky, and waves indistinguishable in the dead of night. I sense the wave coming and brace

  • Plates


    jeering a grin water-coloured crystal shimmer spindle-esqe discs spin

  • Chaos is everywhere – why anxiety should take a back seat.

    Chaos is everywhere – why anxiety should take a back seat.

    I find myself very teary this week. There are so many issues right now stirring me up and not one of them is less important than another.

  • Grit


    Never before have I felt the pull so strong, to put pen to paper, declare I belong on the page. The written stage –

  • God is still speaking

    God is still speaking

    I have been through many seasons of hearing from God and this one is certainly one of the more challenging ones! But please be encouraged by this. On January 12th I was in church and felt prompted to write something down. This is what I felt God say to me, and I thought it was…

  • The Colliding

    The Colliding

    Exploration of The Colliding and how this poem came about and what it means.

  • Poles


    Exploration of the poem, Poles, published in poetry collection Phoenix.

  • Polymorphic Harmony

    Polymorphic Harmony

    It is a gift we humans have, to be able to ponder our own thoughts

  • Hail


    She throws herself down in great torrents, aching to crack it open and she gulps,

  • Unafraid


    I was fearless once. When my words spilled out recklessly, wild, untended – a garden let loose. Nothing else mattered but the words as they grew from my deep and flowered, majestic in their exuberance.

  • The power of thinking for yourself

    The power of thinking for yourself

    When we believe someone or something has authority over us, we find ourselves saying we ‘have to, we must, we should, we ought to’. We are giving this something or someone else the power over our time, energy, resources and directio

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