God is still speaking

I have been through many seasons of hearing from God and this one is certainly one of the more challenging ones! But please be encouraged by this.

On January 12th I was in church and felt prompted to write something down. This is what I felt God say to me, and I thought it was just for me and my family but since then have felt that this is something that everyone could find courage from:

“This will be a year of breaking through the desire for predictable and safe conditions in your life.

You will learn to ride My wave and it is one that takes you in many directions.

Like a water raft, you will sit on top of the rapids and not be dumped by the tumult but will stay on the surface skimming it and not being caught on the rocks.”

To say that I am in awe of God speaking to my heart in that moment, me actually being aware of him speaking!, and then seeing these words put into action in these past few months, would be an understatement.

Photo by Aaron Burden

God speaks. Maybe not in the way you would like or are used to, but he does. And if ever there was a time to ask him to speak to you, now is the best time. He has much to say.

I hope this brings peace to your heart; it has to mine and to my family, as we navigate significant pay reductions, subsequent house move to manage costs and all the new rules we are abiding by.


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