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  • Breaking up with productivity

    Breaking up with productivity

    Dear Productivity, I am breaking up with you. Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you. In fact, I am breaking up with the band and going solo. Please let Time Management, Goal Setting, Getting Things Done and Busyness know while I appreciate their companionship, I have to move on.

  • God is still speaking

    God is still speaking

    I have been through many seasons of hearing from God and this one is certainly one of the more challenging ones! But please be encouraged by this. On January 12th I was in church and felt prompted to write something down. This is what I felt God say to me, and I thought it was…

  • The power of thinking for yourself

    The power of thinking for yourself

    When we believe someone or something has authority over us, we find ourselves saying we ‘have to, we must, we should, we ought to’. We are giving this something or someone else the power over our time, energy, resources and directio

  • Looking with eyes closed

    Looking with eyes closed

    This post does not pull any punches. It’s about homelessness, the reality of self and personal agendas. It is not targeted at anyone but myself and the experiences I have recently had on this topic. I realise it may not sit well with people. Please consider your responses before you comment. I appreciate you reading my…

  • What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote? 

    What if happiness is a lure and not an antidote? 

    I’ve been thinking about suffering lately. I am coming to believe that we live in a society that values happiness and it’s continual pursuit over the necessity of acknowledging struggle, fear, grief and suffering.

  • I found myself on the page…

    I found myself on the page…

    It’s on paper that I find myself; my voice; my heart. This is where I find the clearest reflection of my thoughts. But is that really enough?

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