Portfolio: poems

All poems the creative work of Miriam E. Miles. All rights reserved.


Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

I tried once

with a poem


on the floor,

ink-blot tears

filling my bottle,

sharp nib scratching out dribble.

Thought it was worldly,

turns out was just wordy

pontifications spluttered

around the truth





Un-yielding I prolong the throes

with poem pending yet still

lines aborted –

nothing good enough,

all blabber and bollix,

‘Vomit on Parchment’.

Poet unknown.

Seems fitting.


Photo by Mustafa ezz on Pexels.com

our children are watching us.

responses: recorded
attitudes: notated
reactions: logged

their plumb line, we are
compass and source;

their actions the
ferment of our decisions.

(c)2021 Miriam E. Miles


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