Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache

If you've not read from the beginning, you can start here.  Hannah stood by the sink looking out into the yard. Her eyes locked onto the two figs trees, planted when each child was born. They had grown into each other’s space, intrinsically bound and supported by each other’s existence. Hannah often felt that this … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache


Reconciled Chapter 2 A Family Feud

Hannah swung her tired feet from the car, shut the icy door and walked briskly to the front door of the house. Before she’d even turned the handle, she could hear the chaos ensuing. Bracing herself, she quietly slipped inside hoping not to be noticed until she could work out which room to avoid.

Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Okay, so it's confession time. I have had a case of the dreaded procrastination bug for the past three weeks. Yep. There has been absolutely no reason for why I have not posted this next scene, other than sheer procrastination which probably equals a touch of the fear of failure 😛 But never fear - … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Tuning in to your close network may provide more effective support

Our instant society enables us to access educational, inspirational and motivational information in seconds. This is a wonderful time to be alive and be able to direct our own personal growth and development. But is this the best way to seek advice in the 21st Century? We all have questions. We all have a need … Continue reading Tuning in to your close network may provide more effective support

What if we’re not all meant to think straight?

Are we all meant to think straight? This question came to me this morning while I was trying to have 15 minutes of still and quiet time. The birds were going nuts outside, I had to move from the lounge room to the bedroom as I could hear my lovely neighbours chatting privately and felt … Continue reading What if we’re not all meant to think straight?

Gratitude Day 12 – It’s the Little Things

Just a quick post today to say a BIG thank you to the people who have begun supporting me and buying my little eBook, It's Just Time to Be You over the past week or so. The book only has a dozen or so pages, and is designed to get you thinking about who you … Continue reading Gratitude Day 12 – It’s the Little Things