I’m Breaking Up with Productivity

Dear Productivity, I am breaking up with you. Sorry, it's not me, it's you. In fact, I am breaking up with the band and going solo. Please let Time Management, Goal Setting, Getting Things Done and Busyness know while I appreciate their companionship, I have to move on. You see I've had a bit of … Continue reading I’m Breaking Up with Productivity

Just Do One Thing

Society says: Build your following Society promises: We'll give you the keys  Society shouts: You won't get ahead without ________ Society sneers: Without popularity you will never make a difference Is any of this true? Is any of it valid? How is it that we are so easily swayed from the path of authenticity? That … Continue reading Just Do One Thing

Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?

I had a list. It was to do this week. In fact, it was to do Monday. Then Tuesday, Wednesday... you get the drift. I got a few things done but not all. And I ate way less frogs than I probably should have too. I just couldn't get things together this week. My usual … Continue reading Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?