It’s time to be selfish and make choices that reconcile who we are in order to be of use to society.

When we believe someone or something has authority over us, we find ourselves saying we 'have to, we must, we should, we ought to'. We are giving this something or someone else the power over our time, energy, resources and directio

Just Do One Thing

Society says: Build your following Society promises: We'll give you the keys  Society shouts: You won't get ahead without ________ Society sneers: Without popularity you will never make a difference Is any of this true? Is any of it valid? How is it that we are so easily swayed from the path of authenticity? That … Continue reading Just Do One Thing

Gratitude Day 4 – Treasure the Moments that Shape Us

Today I've been thinking about flexibility. No, not the gymnastic kind. Even though I am short enough for the sport, I remember watching open mouthed as my son's girlfriend, who is a dancer, casually pulled her leg up into the air so that her ankle was positioned next to her cheek. Good Lord! The kind … Continue reading Gratitude Day 4 – Treasure the Moments that Shape Us