Reconciled Chapter 2 A Family Feud

Hannah swung her tired feet from the car, shut the icy door and walked briskly to the front door of the house. Before she’d even turned the handle, she could hear the chaos ensuing. Bracing herself, she quietly slipped inside hoping not to be noticed until she could work out which room to avoid.


Synapses Firing in 3…2…1

I tried. I really did. But then my brain started shooting off emails to the rest of my body and before I knew it, my stomach was replying to the morning instructions with growls. Twenty minutes passed and I had fully constructed this post in my mind. Bugger. I'm fully awake now. Sigh.

Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Okay, so it's confession time. I have had a case of the dreaded procrastination bug for the past three weeks. Yep. There has been absolutely no reason for why I have not posted this next scene, other than sheer procrastination which probably equals a touch of the fear of failure 😛 But never fear - … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Just a quick post today as I am rushing about like a headless chook. A funny thing happened about half an hour ago and I just wanted to share it with you. I got up at 6 and feeling tired, wondered if I might skip the poetry group I am planning to go to today. … Continue reading Gratitude Day 14: Excitement grows excitement

Tuning in to your close network may provide more effective support

Our instant society enables us to access educational, inspirational and motivational information in seconds. This is a wonderful time to be alive and be able to direct our own personal growth and development. But is this the best way to seek advice in the 21st Century? We all have questions. We all have a need … Continue reading Tuning in to your close network may provide more effective support

Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

What a day. I spent most of it working on a submission for a scholarship to a writing academy in Sydney and realised that I also needed to submit a 1500 word writing sample from the novel too. Okaaaaay. So then I slashed my 1800 word opening scene to 1496 words. Then I sat here. … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

I'm having a little bit of split identity here - I write in all these styles, and others, and so often here the phrase 'niche yourself'. Apparently I am meant to niche myself. Um, well, that might be fine for some people, but I'm not like some people. Sorry. I am one of those gals … Continue reading Am I a Blogger, a Poet or an Author?

What if we’re not all meant to think straight?

Are we all meant to think straight? This question came to me this morning while I was trying to have 15 minutes of still and quiet time. The birds were going nuts outside, I had to move from the lounge room to the bedroom as I could hear my lovely neighbours chatting privately and felt … Continue reading What if we’re not all meant to think straight?

Gratitude Day 13: Shopping in my own wardrobe reaps it’s own rewards

To really feel like I could actually do this whole capsule wardrobe concept (Miriam-esque, of course), I made 24 outfit combinations out of just 12 of these items. The leather jacket can go with so much and it's really outerwear so I didn't include it but it could easily go with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for cooler days. Here are the outfit combos I made, and take note: this is with just one pair of trousers (thank you David Lawrence for an amazing pair of pants!):