Time for a Virtual Sabbatical

I naturally love to share everything I am thinking with the world; to divulge the latest little revelations I get and to encourage those who read my words.

I believe this is a positive trait to have, however, there are times when my inner world is so full that I become a little overwhelmed and being able to process it all as well as share and communicate what I’ve processed takes more capacity than I have at the time.

The fact is that I am in a really good place with my writing at the moment and the flow is steady. But the things I want to share feel more in-depth and more important that they have before.

They feel heavy with meaning and value.

They feel like they have a divine purpose and I don’t want to squander them.

courtesy of unsplash.com


It’s like I have an opportunity to sit with my Mentor, listen to His point of view and take the time to digest it more fully. An opportunity to take those words and my own, develop them and then bring them to the surface when they’ve matured a little more.

So I am taking a bit of a Virtual Sabbatical if you will. A time out to receive, process, review and mature the ideas and develop a more refined kind of thought to share.


courtesy of unsplash.com

I’m still around, still online here and there, but you’ll be seeing less of me for a while. Some would say I am committing cyber-suicide as a writer and that my audience will move away to some other person to read.

So be it. As harsh as it may sound, if I am writing to receive validation from you then I am writing with the wrong intention, to begin with.

May your hearts flow with grace and revelation as you move forward on your personal journey. I’ll be back. Maybe not as a butterfly but definitely back 🙂

Love & blessings,