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This is the Thinker’s Blog, where your mind, heart and spirit are hopefully going to be pulled in all kinds of directions.

As I’m of the female persuasion, this is going to be mostly interesting to women folk, but guys are totally welcome. Just understand that we may discuss some rather girly topics too and you could break out in a bout of girl germs. Just sayin. You’ve been warned.

How to keep up with the blog.

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What to expect when you get your shiny new edition of The Thinker’s Blog.

Normally you’d expect the generic email subscription where I am supposed to say something that captures your imagination and then you’ll gasp with genuine fascination as you eagerly click on my time-sensitive link and follow me down the Rabbit Hole of social media marketing.

But that’s not the kind of newsletter I am sending you. If you want that, you should probably unsubscribe. And I’ll be okay with that too 🙂

Here’s what you can expect:

  • If you’re not challenged emotionally, spiritually and/ or intellectually, I’ve wasted your time. Please know that my whole intention is to push your buttons and give you something to ponder over the weekend.
  • You’ll get about 3 – 5 articles to consume at your leisure. Eat slowly. Take it all in. Write notes; journal; go and scream at the mountains – whatever you do, enjoy what you read, even if it rattles your psyche.
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What to do now…

If you’ve read this far, please know this one thing: your persistence is greatly appreciated by this little Aussie mum who writes in her house and hopes to one day call herself a ‘real’ author.

I thank you. It takes time to put this newsletter together and lots of toothpicks to hold my eyelids open so I can read all those great articles for you.

If you’ve not yet decided if you want to join our exclusive little readership that’s okay. Why not take some time to read other pieces penned here  – you’ll find both long and short form with fun, family, relationship and creativity being strong topics throughout.

If you’re after something a little meatier, try this:

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When it’s all said and done…

Universe and man.jpeg

May this month ahead be filled with trepidation at the incredible future ahead of you.  May you shake and quiver at the prospect of all that is dwelling inside of you: this creative wonder, this thing called a human being – may you reach into that and draw something out wonder-filled for the world to see.

With love,

Miriam E. Miles