Three Keys to Being Real

Being real, and working toward understanding who we are, is really hard work. It's not just daily, it can be hourly. Minute by minute.  But over the past six months or so I've been learning (much to my frustration, of course) some keys that seem to be relevant in moving forward and becoming more healthy … Continue reading Three Keys to Being Real

Reconciled – Chapter 2 A trip down memory lane

If you’ve not read from the beginning, you can start here.  Chapter 2, A trip down memory lane Hannah scanned the room for faces she recognised. It had been a number of years since this particular group had assembled but the family unit overall wasn't terribly big.  In addition to family there was a steady … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 2 A trip down memory lane

Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Okay, so it's confession time. I have had a case of the dreaded procrastination bug for the past three weeks. Yep. There has been absolutely no reason for why I have not posted this next scene, other than sheer procrastination which probably equals a touch of the fear of failure 😛 But never fear - … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1 Reminiscing

Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

What a day. I spent most of it working on a submission for a scholarship to a writing academy in Sydney and realised that I also needed to submit a 1500 word writing sample from the novel too. Okaaaaay. So then I slashed my 1800 word opening scene to 1496 words. Then I sat here. … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

Mint, Method and Musings…

But while I sat there, picking off grubs from the rich smelling mint, I 'watched' her from my main characters' point of view. Imagination is a wonderful thing. And being able to sit with this character and kind of 'method act' with her and think about the joint past they share, has also provided my main character with some insight into their relationship.

Writing between the times

If there is any one thing I have learned this year, it has been that how I respond to difficult or unexpected circumstances matters more than the circumstances themselves. How I react will be with anxiety or with a sense of calm and control. Then, how I respond to that situation is going to make a hell of a difference to the rest of my day/ week/ month and even year.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…

But this is life, isn't it? I am often intrigued by people who feel that they're not really living yet (and yes, I've actually been one of these people!) because the reality is that we are living. It may not look like our ideal version of what we want, but we are living regardless and every day spent waiting to live is a day tragically wasted.

And… We’re off!

Within 45 minutes I had my first scene - booyah! But oh, wait, here's a problem. It's now time to go to church, so up I hop, teeth, shoes, bag, and off I go. I felt really pumped about what I had written but something wasn't quite right. It was like the scene was missing that oomph that you usually experience in the first scene of a good book.