F@%K Hospital Corners – Just Make the Darn Bed: How Choice Influences Self-Respect.

I didn't understand the power that comes from respecting my own space; that being clean, tidy and organised isn't about keeping up with the Stepford Wives, but about truly loving who I (and my family, by extension) am.

How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder

Managing a mental illness, chronic illness or otherwise debilitating condition can be extremely difficult. Add to that 'simple' things, such as household tasks, paying bills and weeding the garden and these simple tasks turn into uncrossable mountains. We all have to deal with housework and I can honestly say that it has never been something … Continue reading How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder

Gratitude Day 13: Shopping in my own wardrobe reaps it’s own rewards

To really feel like I could actually do this whole capsule wardrobe concept (Miriam-esque, of course), I made 24 outfit combinations out of just 12 of these items. The leather jacket can go with so much and it's really outerwear so I didn't include it but it could easily go with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for cooler days. Here are the outfit combos I made, and take note: this is with just one pair of trousers (thank you David Lawrence for an amazing pair of pants!):