Gratitude Day 12 – It’s the Little Things

Just a quick post today to say a BIG thank you to the people who have begun supporting me and buying my little eBook, It's Just Time to Be You over the past week or so. The book only has a dozen or so pages, and is designed to get you thinking about who you … Continue reading Gratitude Day 12 – It’s the Little Things

A life lived or a life that just exists?

Today has been hard. Not 'can't get out of bed and face the world hard' but hard all the same. More like 'Remember to breathe, Miriam' hard: the kind where  you have to send yourself little messages all day to keep calm, not let small things upset you and remind yourself that this is not … Continue reading A life lived or a life that just exists?

Bumps in the road

It wasn't until we were in bed that I realised that I had not written a blog post yesterday. I felt fine. I wasn't sick and didn't have a serious emergency. I just plumb forgot! Did the world fall apart? Did the potholes of my life interrupt my ability to communicate? Did my social media … Continue reading Bumps in the road

The Blancing Act Between Work and Work

I used the think that authors spent their days just working on their novels, hidden away in some tiny paper laden room or spread out on a deck chair tapping away on their laptops (actually, this is the extreme version, of course!), but since setting up a business to support authors in their pursuit to self publish, I have discovered that this is not the case at all.

Mint, Method and Musings…

But while I sat there, picking off grubs from the rich smelling mint, I 'watched' her from my main characters' point of view. Imagination is a wonderful thing. And being able to sit with this character and kind of 'method act' with her and think about the joint past they share, has also provided my main character with some insight into their relationship.