F@%K Hospital Corners – Just Make the Darn Bed: How Choice Influences Self-Respect.

I didn't understand the power that comes from respecting my own space; that being clean, tidy and organised isn't about keeping up with the Stepford Wives, but about truly loving who I (and my family, by extension) am.

Just Do One Thing

Society says: Build your following Society promises: We'll give you the keys  Society shouts: You won't get ahead without ________ Society sneers: Without popularity you will never make a difference Is any of this true? Is any of it valid? How is it that we are so easily swayed from the path of authenticity? That … Continue reading Just Do One Thing

How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder

Managing a mental illness, chronic illness or otherwise debilitating condition can be extremely difficult. Add to that 'simple' things, such as household tasks, paying bills and weeding the garden and these simple tasks turn into uncrossable mountains. We all have to deal with housework and I can honestly say that it has never been something … Continue reading How to Keep The House Clean with Bipolar Disorder

Schedule Power Down Sessions to Silence the Voice of Guilt

As part of Mental Health Month, I will be sharing more on what my day to day life can be like as a Christian living with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I hope to uncover some real life battles that go on and how I am learning to manage the onslaught, fight the battle and come out stronger in my faith and my wellbeing.

Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?

I had a list. It was to do this week. In fact, it was to do Monday. Then Tuesday, Wednesday... you get the drift. I got a few things done but not all. And I ate way less frogs than I probably should have too. I just couldn't get things together this week. My usual … Continue reading Why do we procrastinate knowing full well the fallout?