Choosing a better way

So today's blog is a bit different. I've been asked to share a new recipe I made up today for Paleo Frittata Muffins. I can't claim the full idea as my own as I got it from another website but I will share the version I created to match our family tastes 🙂


It’s just a line in the sand…

I've come to the realisation that until I can chose for me, I won't be able to fully help those around me, so today I chose. I chose me first even though my choice is informed by both the needs of my family, my business goals, my creative work and has a direct impact on my health.

Bumps in the road

It wasn't until we were in bed that I realised that I had not written a blog post yesterday. I felt fine. I wasn't sick and didn't have a serious emergency. I just plumb forgot! Did the world fall apart? Did the potholes of my life interrupt my ability to communicate? Did my social media … Continue reading Bumps in the road