Three Keys to Being Real

Being real, and working toward understanding who we are, is really hard work. It's not just daily, it can be hourly. Minute by minute.  But over the past six months or so I've been learning (much to my frustration, of course) some keys that seem to be relevant in moving forward and becoming more healthy … Continue reading Three Keys to Being Real

Great Reads for the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone! Gosh, it's been one of those 'how did we get here?' weeks for me. I hope yours hasn't been too full on and that you've managed to tick all your boxes 🙂 I was thinking yesterday about the colossal collection of articles I have been saving to read, like, for EVER, and thought to myself, 'Miriam, why be so selfish? Let's share these great articles and be generous for once'. So I said 'Sure, heck, why not?' And then I said to myself 'Why not, indeed?'

Mint, Method and Musings…

But while I sat there, picking off grubs from the rich smelling mint, I 'watched' her from my main characters' point of view. Imagination is a wonderful thing. And being able to sit with this character and kind of 'method act' with her and think about the joint past they share, has also provided my main character with some insight into their relationship.

Time flies when you’re…

The good news is that this morning I sat down and worked until I had tipped over the 8,000 word mark. This made me very happy and I now have 41,800 words to write. As tomorrow is the 8th, I now have 22 days in which to do this and if I can write 1900 words per day I will complete the challenge.

Don’t sweat the small stuff…

But this is life, isn't it? I am often intrigued by people who feel that they're not really living yet (and yes, I've actually been one of these people!) because the reality is that we are living. It may not look like our ideal version of what we want, but we are living regardless and every day spent waiting to live is a day tragically wasted.

And… We’re off!

Within 45 minutes I had my first scene - booyah! But oh, wait, here's a problem. It's now time to go to church, so up I hop, teeth, shoes, bag, and off I go. I felt really pumped about what I had written but something wasn't quite right. It was like the scene was missing that oomph that you usually experience in the first scene of a good book.