Formal typesetting isn’t just pressing the ‘justify’ button in Word: it’s using clever formatting and design tools to ensure your information looks professional, clear and engaging.

Typesetting Services

A lot of authors and small businesses have to learn all the marketing, administrative and promo stuff that is part of getting your book into the hands of readers and getting your products and services out the door.

You may be able to afford outsourcing some of the work but there will always be jobs that you have to learn to do. You could pay on the cheap and use services that promise great results for nearly no cost but this can often backfire leaving you with money spent, a poor end product and back at square one.

Why use a professional typesetter?

You can typeset your documents in Word – and for most general communications this is the best option. But if you are producing marketing materials, newsletters, magazines, ebooks, workbooks and print books, employing a professional typesetter is your best long-term option.

A professional typesetter will take the time to check through your project and liaise with you about layout, font, image placement, links to external sources, artwork and so on. They have a keen eye for the artistic presentation of your project and a skilled typesetter will be able to set your words on the page in a way that brings out the best results for your customers.

Because I focus on authors and small business, everything on offer is practical, cost effective and valuable for your needs. I work closely with my clients, provide a comprehensive questionnaire when quoting to ensure I have a full understanding of your needs, and keep you looped in throughout the project to ensure I am singing from your song sheet.

I use Adobe InDesign to typeset eBooks, print books and instructional publications, marketing materials and anything that requires a document to look professional.

What can I use typesetting for?

Typesetting is perfect for content being uploaded to websites and social media platforms as well as traditional print formats for distribution. This may include:

eBook publications
Social Media graphics
Email content
Digital Magazine layouts and content
Digital Book cover layouts
Print books

Typesetting does not include creating or sourcing content. This must be provided by you before the project starts.

My Typesetting Do’s and Won’t Do’s

Your draft should be at final draft stage, having been edited and proofread at least once, and preferably by a professional editor/proofreader (some editors are also proofreaders but you may end up using one person for each).

When you provide your draft to me, I will perform a basic spell check as part of my final checks before handover, but will not edit or proofread your draft beyond this. I am not a professional editor or proofreader and focus solely on making your draft look, read and feel professional and engaging.

I recommend you then resubmit the draft to your editor/proofreader for final examination if the work is substantial or of high public distribution status.

About Me

I am a hybrid – part author, part small business, part graphic designer – just the right mix to help you put your work out with confidence. I am proudly self-taught, just like so many others on the same track, and understand the pitfalls, the frustrations and the challenges you face because I’ve been there too.

With four years under my belt, a number of author and small business clients with professionally designed and typeset books and my own recently published work, I know what it is like sit at the computer for days on end trying to get it all ‘just right’.

I have spent the past three years in the corporate world learning more skills, developing further business acumen and redefining what it means to be successful but the written world has never left me and I am back with bells on!

I look forward to learning about your project. Click the quote request below, fill out the form and I will be in touch.

Let’s get your words into print!

Other Services

Editing and Proofreading

Guest Blogging

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