Payment Guidelines

Some projects require only a few hours to a workday of commitment whereas others take weeks and even months to complete. The following guidelines outline the commitment prior to and/or post quote acceptance.

Please note that as a small business I need to ensure prompt payment of invoices. I appreciate you contacting me prior to invoice due dates if you are having trouble paying the invoice on time.

30-day business payment schedules must be applied for before the project has been accepted. See terms below.

General Terms

You will receive an invoice for work to commence and payment reconciliation upon final payment for work completed. Payment options will be noted on the invoice.

For work over $100 AUD deposits are required prior to commencement of the project. See payment deposit details below.

All invoices will outline payment requirements and account details.

If late fees are incurred you will be advised by email with an updated statement of the overdue amount.

For deposit required projects, work will commence the day after payment has been received.

Payment Deposit Details

NOTE: If the quote is under $100 AUD the full amount quoted is to be paid within 7 business days of invoice. 

For deposit payments

  • Deposits are due within 7 business days of quote acceptance.
  • Work on the project will not commence until the deposit has been received.

For final payments

  • Final payment terms vary depending on the project and overdue payments may receive late fees unless contact has been made prior to the invoice due date. See below for late fee structure.

Quote under $100 AUD

  • 100% payment within 2 business days.
  • Work will commence same day of deposit receipt or the next business day.

Quote over $100 AUD

  • 50% deposit due within 7 business days of acceptance with 50% within 14 days of final project approval.
  • 30-day payment schedule available for approved clients.
  • 25% deposit prior to contract start date and due within 7 business days of quote acceptance with the remainder due within 7 business days of final invoice.

Day Rate Bookings 1 to 30 Days

Day Rate Bookings over 30 days
30-day payment schedule available for approved clients. See below for details.

  • 50% deposit prior to contract start date. Contract will begin same day of receipt of deposit or the following business day.
  • 25% due mid-way through contract period and due within 7 business days. Part-payment reminder email will be sent.
  • 25% within 14 days of final invoice.

30-Day payment schedule

Payments are generally required to be paid within 7 to 14 days depending on the project cost and timelines, however, I understand that some companies work to a 30-day payment schedule.

Please advise at the beginning of your project if you would like to apply for a 30-day payment arrangement.

NOTE Unpaid invocies over 7 business days after the 30-day payment schedule agreement will be charged 30% late fees and if no discussions are had regarding payment difficulties within a further 7 business days, you may face legal proceedings.

Apply for 30-Day Business Payment Schedule

Late Fees

If you have not entered into a 30-day payment schedule agreement, late fees apply in the following ways.

  • Late fees are charged after 3 business days grace from the invoice deadline. You will receive a friendly reminder the day after the invoice due date.
  • You will recieve an updated invoice for every 7 business days outlining the late fees charged to your invoice.
  • 7 days overdue: 10% of project cost.
  • 14 days overdue: 30% of project cost.
  • 21 days or more overdue: 50% of project cost.

Clients that do not finalise their invoice without discussion with me for longer than 31 calendar days will receive notification they may face legal proceedings.

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