When you need a writer, talk with me…

Miriam E. Miles, Writer

As a writer, I understand that words can become a jumbled mess when you are trying to say something really important.

And that can lead to frustration, disappointment and a less than best approach to sharing your ideas.

How it works

When I work with clients, we look at the individual business or person, what goals they want to achieve and when, and then decide on a targeted and individualised approach to getting to that point. By doing this, we ensure that we are:

  • staying on track
  • developing the strategy as we go
  • working confidently toward the end results

This means you get peace of mind, easy budgeting and a finished goal at the end.

  • I provide editing, proofreading and typsetting for the following topic areas:
  • Lifestyle
  • Mental Health
  • Self-help
  • Small business management
  • Relationships
  • Food, fashion, and family
  • Business
  • Self-help
  • Personal non-fiction


One-off clients included one-off marketing materials, updating newsletters, editing and updating resumes, writing selection cretirias and cover letters and so on. Below are clients that worked with me on more than one project.

Andrew Church

Author, Speaker, Business Consultant

Full website build including graphic design, branding, content, social media strategy, video blogging and press releases and maintenance.

Project management for How to Solve Your Problems Without a Superhero and Architect of Change (manuscript through to print and distribution)

Berowra Christian School

Full website overhaul including editing, proofreading and new content, graphic design templates and social media integration. Additional work includes social media management, website maintenance, and editorial and promotional writing.

A Step Ahead Foot and Ankle Care

Sydney-based Podiatrist

Brochure editing, proofreading and development of promotional materials for the clinic.

Jodi Faith Ministries

Singer, Motivational Speaker

Full website build including social media integration and promotion.

Margaret McMahon


Typesetting for print book, promotional management including website build and social media presence.

Robyn Duncan


Typesetting for print book.

Robyn’s Nest

International Charity Organisation

Administration, data entry, website auditing, newsletter construction, marketing material updates.

Ros Sparrevohn Psychology

Australian Clinical Psychologist

Full website build including graphic design, content, and maintenance.

Business Branding including letterhead, business card, and brochure design.

Dance Element Studios

Australian Dance Company and School

Full website build including graphic design, branding, content, and maintenance.

Clairderm Cosmetic Clinic

Beauty and Health Therapy

Full content overhaul and website set up upgrade.

Extra Mile Production

Outside Broadcast Project Manager

Full website build including graphic design, branding, content, and maintenance.

Let’s chat

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