What style do you write with?

My job is to mimic your style so I will write like you do using your words as my guide. I can also present content in fresh ways if you want to change your style and specialise in friendly, personal content with a professional edge.

Who do you write for?

We all have our favourites. I love to work with authors, small businesses and individuals who need to get their words in print, on a website or into social media.

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How long does it take to complete a project?

How long is a piece of string? When we chat, we can discuss your deadlines, the level of detail you want for your project and discuss any changes as we need to.

Do you provide a quote first?

Absolutely! You’ll be asked to provide details for your project either by email or over the phone and will receive a written quote before agreeing to the work commissioned.

Who owns to rights to the words I write for you?

As you are paying me to write for you or to edit your work or create any kind of written content, the entire content belongs to you. I cannot use your content for any other client or for myself. I may ask permission to use some content for my portfolio but you will be asked this in writing before it is used.

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