Don’t you want to spend more time on your creative work and less on the busyness of business?

I know I do. And every author and creative I have met and worked with has a unique project, a unique workflow and a unique set of goals to achieve.

And the most important thing to each one is time: time to work on your project and time to be creative and let all those unique ideas come to life.

But more and more authors and creatives are tackling all the business side of things as well – whether by choice or not, and it can become overwhelming and frustrating.

And when your precious time ends up being spent on things you just don’t want, or don’t know how to do, it feels like it’s just all too hard, right?

Maybe I can help…

Assisting authors and creatives do what they love to do is something that has made my heart happy since 2013.

Even though I fell into it, and found myself on a learning curve like no other, I found my way of being supportive to others and that made me feel alive.

Since that first little job, I have supported clients with a vareity of creative projects with services ranging from:

  • editing and proofreading
  • typsetting for digital and print format
  • rewriting blog, workbook and website materials
  • creating blog post graphics, business cards, marketing materials and speels
  • writing blog posts for a bunch of businesses
  • project managing books into digital and print format
  • liaising with distributors, agents, publishers and bookstores on your behalf
  • setting up websites and social media platforms
  • building eCommerce platforms
  • and more!

RedLine Writing Services

RWS empowers authors and creatives in your business, providing many practical services that free you up to do what you do best.

You could say I have a uniqe capacity to help you too.

I am just like you. You can get the full download here, but the dot points are that I am a poet, speaker and creative, and have self-published eBooks, print books and music albums, managed all my own projects, taught myself tools like Adobe InDesign and MailChimp and watched countless tutorials to stay educated so I can keep my costs down and worked all my own promotion and advertising on mostly no budget.

I know the frustrations, the challenges, the fatigue, the mental blocks – you name it, I’ve been there. I’m still there, in the thick of it.

There is so much to do and so often I feel like my time is demolished with things like getting the website up and running, setting up social media platforms and just doing the basic admin – it’s insane!

So if you are nodding your head, let me help you. At the very least, let’s have a virtual cuppa and work out where you’re at and what you want to achieve.

Words are not just words. They’re an extension of what you offer to your clients.

Let’s make sure they jump off the page and resonate with your audience and make the impact you want to create.

Service Types

Author and Creative Business Foccussed General Writing Services
WordPress Platform Builds
Social Media Platform Builds
eCommerce Set Up and Management
Virtual Administration
Promotional Assistance

View what each service type covers


Please read payment guidelines here. All rates are in AUD Australian dollars and include GST.

The Day Rate is calculated for 7 business hours between 8:30 am an 5:30 pm (you are not charged for a lunch hour but it is taken into account for the day’s timing).

Apply for 30-Day Business Payment Schedule

30-Day business payment schedule agreements are available. Please see terms and application forms here.

Complimentary Consultation

Having a complimentary consultation to discuss your project ensures that we are on the same page and can create a customised plan to help you achieve your goals.

Complimentary phone or Skype/Zoom consultations run for 30 or 60 minutes and are available for Australian-based clients only. Email consultation also available.

Choose your consultation type below.
30 min
  • Best option for simple projects
60 min
  • Best option for complex projects

About Me

Miriam E. Miles, Writer

I am a hybrid – part author, part small business, part graphic designer – just the right mix to help you put your work out with confidence.

I am proudly self-taught, just like so many others on the same track, and understand the pitfalls, the frustrations and the challenges you face because I’ve been there too. Learn more about my writer journey here.

With many years under my belt, a portfolio of author and small business clients with professionally designed and typeset books, and my own recently published work, I know what it is like sit at the computer for days on end trying to get it all ‘just right’.

With an additional three years in the corporate world learning more skills, developing further business acumen and redefining what it means to be successful from a marketing perspective, I have the skills to empower your business’s next steps.

View Work Portfolio

Want to chat via email first?

No problem. Time is scarce; I get it. Let me know below and we will work on it together.

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