This page introduces you to the journey I am undertaking to write my first novel, Reconciled. You can read the first scene here.

Scroll to the bottom to read each scene in order 🙂

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Here’s a little synopsis to whet your appetite.

Reconciled (2)


Reconciled will throw Hannah into a world she had no idea existed; a place where she will be forced to confront her family’s past, present and future. 

From a collection of journals, old photos and a box full of messages left by Aunty Mak, the story of Hanna’s mother’s family unfolds and she discovers the reasons behind the disconnect that has plagued her mother’s life.

These revelations force Hannah to chose a path she didn’t anticipate following or risk seeing the same generational problems continue.

But she’s not sure she’s the one to bring light to the past, until she meets the precocious yet disarmingly engaging Thomas Garfield who encourages her to think beyond her own needs and see the potential in her broken family.

Is Hannah really strong enough to reveal the secrets of her Aunty Mak’s past? What will these revelations bring and how will her mother respond when she finds out the real reasons for her sister’s disappearance?

Reconciled is a story about forgiveness, reconciliation and mercy; about revelation, connection and spiritual awakening. Will Hannah chose to let her past dictate her future or will she find the strength inside to awaken to her own truth? 

I will set up a blog space for working through the journey and will update readers through that space. This means that if you’d just like to follow post updates to Reconciled, you can, rather than getting all my musings 😀

Thanks for your support! I’ll add the link really soon.

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Chapter 1, Scene 1

Chapter 1, Scene 2

Chapter 2, Scene 1

Chapter 2, Scene 2

Chapter 2, Scene 3

Don’t worry, there’s more to come 🙂 Check in again on Thursdays for the next instalment.


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