I don’t believe in small talk.

I don't believe in small talk. To begin with, it feels staged and obligatory and not at all like how humans desire to interact with each other. I've not actually met another person who genuinely enjoys small talk. It's like we do it because we feel it's etiquette - the right thing to do. But … Continue reading I don’t believe in small talk.

Looking with eyes closed

This post does not pull any punches. It's about homelessness, the reality of self and personal agendas. It is not targeted at anyone but myself and the experiences I have recently had on this topic. I realise it may not sit well with people. Please consider your responses before you comment. I appreciate you reading my … Continue reading Looking with eyes closed

Schedule Power Down Sessions to Silence the Voice of Guilt

As part of Mental Health Month, I will be sharing more on what my day to day life can be like as a Christian living with Bipolar 2 Disorder, Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

I hope to uncover some real life battles that go on and how I am learning to manage the onslaught, fight the battle and come out stronger in my faith and my wellbeing.

A Mental Health Reminder to the Me I Want to Be

Sometimes it's good to do things that remind us to keep focussed on getting better. Because it's pretty certain we are going to need to listen to that 'me' that got the revelation and stop listening to the one who is freaking out! So it's Monday. Mondays are a day that I waking up feeling … Continue reading A Mental Health Reminder to the Me I Want to Be

When Reality Bites

Every now and then reality bites and stings hard and fast. Before you know it, you’re slipping down that memory mudslide full throttle with no brake and you’ve had the wind knocked out of you. This happened to me just a few minutes ago. I had a moment when I was re-experiencing a creative work … Continue reading When Reality Bites

Please Pray for Our Fire-Ravaged Nation

It's 10:23 pm on New Year's Eve, 2019. I am sitting on the sofa bed in my mum's house in Canberra, having a bit of trouble settling for sleep and trying to keep my eyes from getting dryer due to the smoke that has seeped into the house via that silly little window in the … Continue reading Please Pray for Our Fire-Ravaged Nation


She throws herself down in great torrents,pounding the parched earth with desperate fists, aching to crack it open anddesperate to quench its deep thirst.  Mouth wide like a baby bird, he gulps, swallowing the life-giving wet like a dying man, grasping at each rivulet that tries to run.   Her rage thickens as each drop … Continue reading Hail