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Now is the time for poets to rise and take the stage. The world needs to hear your voice like no other time in history.

Miriam E. Miles, Editor

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Poetically Speaking – The Voices of the 21st Century.

We are looking for poets to interview. Your social media and store links will be shared here on Miriam E. Miles website and social platforms.

View recent interviews here

About poetically speaking

Poetically Speaking Interviews are designed to support and encourage poets with varying levels of experience and skills and highlight the relevance and value of each person’s poetic expression. We seek to be inclusive, however will use discretion regarding content to ensure we look after our audience and meet their level of expectation as readers.

This interview series is the brainchild of Miriam E. Miles, poet and author of Phoenix and avid collector of words. Poetically Speaking was created due to the desire to explore and share poetry that otherwise may not receive reader attention as well as celebrate experienced and well-known poets from around the globe with a focus on the influence of poets in the 21st Century.

We encourage you to share your work and to share your Poetically Speaking interview with your social media audience, on your website and in your marketing materials and ask that you provide links back to and any other official Poetically Speaking website or social platform.

Format options will be:

  • Written interview
  • Visual podcast via Zoom
  • Audio podcast

Interviews do not garner anything more than our love and appreciation for your time and your words. Rest assured, the inteview will be shared around the digisphere as much as possible to help promote your voice.

Fill in the form below and I will be in touch with details on when and how we can make the interview happen.

Interview Submission Process

If your submission is accepted, we will email with a request to read some of your work if this has not been provided as a link below. You can then reply with a pdf or Word file. Your poetry will not be shared in any way without your written permission – this is just so we can ensure our poetic visions intersect well for our readers.

Choose from the form formats below.

Please save the form as Poetically Speaking Interview Submission [Your Name] and send it to with the same title in the subject line.

**The Google Form will automatically notify me of your submission.

Google Form

Link will take you to an online form to complete. Click Submit when done and it will be sent automatically to us.

Download the Word Doc and open. Click ‘Enable Editing’ at the top of the page and save the doc as Poetically Speaking Interview Submission [Insert Your Name Here] then fill the form and email to

Download the PDF and open. You will need Adobe Acrobat to enable filling in the form. Choose ‘Fill and Sign’ in the Tools section and complete the form. Save as a new PDF as Poetically Speaking Interview Submission [Insert Your Name Here] and email to

View recent interviews here

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