Phoenix: An Abstract Poetic Autobiography

Phoenix is an abstract poetic autobiography chronicling my journey through mental illness, fighting the battle and coming out into a new awakening of who I am. It is designed not to share the details of what I have been through, but to reveal the inner workings of my mind, will, and emotions at the time.

  • Phoenix by Miriam E Miles - The Colliding
  • Poles, Miriam E. Miles

How Phoenix came about…

Each piece was written independently and many written years apart. There has never been thought of putting them all together until November 2019, when, after suddenly finding myself without a job, I had a lot of time on my hands.

I had already begun working on the book but now began in earnest, collating everything and anything that looked like a poem! Within a week I had over 200 poems and nearly 100 aphorisms, reams of narrative prose and a bucket full of lyrics, blog posts, and other writings.

To say I was a bit shocked is an understatement, particularly about the poetry. I just didn’t realise I had so many pieces and when I started to work them together, the revelation of them being markers along the last 20 years, really amazed me.

What readers are saying…

“Phoenix took me by surprise both visually and intellectually”

“Authentic, transparent and raw”

“I love ‘normal’ poetry, but found that I could appreciate your style in a different way.”

“Moving and eloquent. Looking forward to Volume 2!”


3 Narrative Prose Introductions to each Part

56 Original poems

Bonus Thank you note with handwritten unpublished poem

Bonus Unique Frequencies Album (link in back of book) – 12 spontaneously recorded instrumental tracks for meditation and soaking.

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