Help Realm Design Launch An Amazing Jewellery Line Through Kickstarter

Jewellery is intimate and often carries great personal meaning for the wearer. Below is a company I have come across that I just feel really understand the value in creating jewellery that symbolises hope, courage and faith.

Note: I have not received any financial reimbursement or affiliate links from posting this endorsement. I just think it’s a wonderful idea to back and want my community to know about it.

I recently became a fan of an interesting company called Realm Design, based in Australia. I loved the idea behind their jewellery as much as I loved their story and when I dug a little deeper I discovered that they are in the process of raising funds for their brand new Armor of God Jewellery Line.

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I have never before reached out to my community to ask you to support something but there’s just something beautiful and courageous about what this team is trying to achieve.

In a nutshell, they want people to wear their jewellery and be reminded constantly of God’s love and grace in their lives.

I actually wear a little pendant I sourced from overseas years ago that has a lady standing on an anchor.

I often touch it (I am very tactile) and am reminded every time that God is my anchor. Considering how often I have found myself connecting with God when I am reminded, it goes without saying how valuable a piece of jewellery it is for me.

I also really like the lengths the team have gone to show the wearer why they are wearing this unique piece of jewellery. Take a look here at the Breastplate of Righteousness charm and the scriptures that support it.

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So if I was ever to purchase a gift for someone to encourage them on their journey, I would start with Realm Design.

It’s not just the clever ideas of bringing scripture to life in 3D but the heart and prayers that have gone before making it that speaks to my heart.

I know that each piece has been made to bring the wearer closer to God. And that’s a brilliant plan, in my opinion.

Will you consider pledging to their Kickstarter? It just has a couple of days to go and all they need is $1200 to get things going. I reckon it’s worth at least taking a look and if it’s not for you, sharing with others who would love to see a unique range like this come to life.

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter.

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