Take a dive with me into some topics that invite further contemplation as I explore the world inside and out.

Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

When the voice of God speaks it is to say a thing so necessary that all other things said around it fall away.

We are quick to take every lovely thought and turn it into God’s words, and whilst they most likely are, they are not automatically his pointed speech toward our lives and direction and choices just because they’re encouraging. Continue reading Maturing in Christ comes at a cost

God is still speaking

I have been through many seasons of hearing from God and this one is certainly one of the more challenging ones! But please be encouraged by this.

On January 12th I was in church and felt prompted to write something down. This is what I felt God say to me, and I thought it was just for me and my family but since then have felt that this is something that everyone could find courage from: Continue reading God is still speaking

Looking with eyes closed

This post does not pull any punches. It’s about homelessness, the reality of self and personal agendas. It is not targeted at anyone but myself and the experiences I have recently had on this topic. I realise it may not sit well with people. Please consider your responses before you comment. I appreciate you reading my thoughts. Continue reading Looking with eyes closed

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