Christian Mental Wellness


My latest project is a website resource for Christians with Mental Illness. It’s called Christian Mental Wellness Australia. It’s about empowering you to live well despite your mental health diagnosis.

It will be a volunteer-run website offering encouragement, support, resources and articles to help you and/or your loved ones in the journey to mental wellness.

We will focus on Christian healing, Biblical strategies and a healthy and deep relationship with God as the most effective way to recalibrate your life and get things back on track.

Can you help us?

I hope to provide some resources, expose some myths that seem to reside in church life about mental health and healing, and establish an environment where Christians can read about other people’s journeys with God through their health battle.

So I thought I would put the word out and ask three things:

1. Share CMWA with Your Community

We all know someone touched with mental illness. Share this resource with those you feel would be encouraged by what we’re trying to do to help them move toward recovery and wellness.

2. Share Your Story

What’s your story? We’re looking for real-life, raw, unrestrained, encouraging, empowering and human stories.

You can contribute anonymously, or not. Here’s a link to the Journey Stories submission page.

Are you a writer? Would you like to contribute on a more formal level?

Send me any pitch ideas by email at If you have articles that would resonate with this initiative, send me your links so we can support you in return. Put the title of your article, Submission and your name in the subject line so I can find it!

3. Do you have questions that you think others would like to know the answers to as well?

Visit the Question Box and ask away!

Other Ways to Access CMWA

Ask for Prayer

Listen to the Podcast

Subscribe to the Newsletter (and receive the 7 Choices to Help You Work Toward Long-Term Mental Wellness Resource.

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