Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache

If you've not read from the beginning, you can start here.  Hannah stood by the sink looking out into the yard. Her eyes locked onto the two figs trees, planted when each child was born. They had grown into each other’s space, intrinsically bound and supported by each other’s existence. Hannah often felt that this … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 2 Family Heartache

Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

What a day. I spent most of it working on a submission for a scholarship to a writing academy in Sydney and realised that I also needed to submit a 1500 word writing sample from the novel too. Okaaaaay. So then I slashed my 1800 word opening scene to 1496 words. Then I sat here. … Continue reading Reconciled – Chapter 1: The Journey Begins