Maturing in Christ comes at a cost but his mercies are new every morning

It is these moments I am learning to cherish. For it is within the words spoken with brevity and solemnity that I recognize the true voice of the Father and can heed his deep wisdom.

The Big Wigs and The Author

A short story about self belief and hope. Everyone called her an author, though she did not believe it herself until the day her words were recognised by The Big Wigs. The sad thing was that her words were always being recognised by those around her - her truest fans. Family and friends doing life … Continue reading The Big Wigs and The Author

And so, she soars

She feared the tide - the ebb and flow of her mind’s capacity - for so long that she almost forgot the sound of it’s gentle swoosh along the shore, the pebbles of creativity pushed gently, purposefully forward. Tide, Miriam E. Miles Then one day the sun shone so brightly it stopped a wave in … Continue reading And so, she soars

I’m Breaking Up with Productivity

Dear Productivity, I am breaking up with you. Sorry, it's not me, it's you. In fact, I am breaking up with the band and going solo. Please let Time Management, Goal Setting, Getting Things Done and Busyness know while I appreciate their companionship, I have to move on. You see I've had a bit of … Continue reading I’m Breaking Up with Productivity