Chaos is everywhere and we’re all overwhelmed, but here’s why anxiety should take a back seat.

I find myself very teary this week. There are so many issues right now stirring me up and not one of them is less important than another. The tragic and horrific death of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter movement with growing protests across the world and the unrest in Hong Kong. All the COVID-19 stuff rumbling around the media and the intense anxiety of waiting for news of a 14-year-old autistic teenager lost in the dense Australian bush. It’s like all these things sit right under the surface of my skin, knitting themselves in...

Miriam’s Weekly Review

Happy Friday everyone! Gosh, it's been one of those 'how did we get here?' weeks for me. I hope yours hasn't been too full on and that you've managed to tick all your boxes 🙂 I was thinking yesterday about the colossal collection of articles I have been saving to read, like, for EVER, and thought to myself, 'Miriam, why be so selfish? Let's share these great articles and be generous for once'. So I said 'Sure, heck, why not?' And then I said to myself 'Why not, indeed?'


Writing challenges can be fun. I was challenged today to write about the humble tomato 🍅

Light Bearers

We are the Light Bearers, we carry firelight in our bones, our sinews resonate with its pulse, our blood dances to its beat. And we are Lights’ super-spreaders, yet hide under a bushel, snuffing it out when trouble comes, turning it down to soften the blow. Photo by Josh Boot on Unsplash Still, we are … Continue reading Light Bearers

Pivoting isn’t the only option: Sometimes it’s better to step back in time…

It’s an interesting time with COVID-19 prompting a change in direction for me from formal employment engagements toward my old hobby business. So when times are so uncertain and jobs difficult to come by, I feel the best option is to revive the little business that gave me such a sense of satisfaction and personal … Continue reading Pivoting isn’t the only option: Sometimes it’s better to step back in time…

Grit by Miriam E. Miles

Never before have I felt the pull so strong, to put pen to paper, declare I belong on the page. The written stage - this place I know; this place called home - heart in ink yet my deep instinct to safe harbour my thoughts and come up short - Oh well, I tried I … Continue reading Grit by Miriam E. Miles