Becoming You: Uncovering the Mystery of Who You Are

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on a little side project called Becoming You: Uncovering the Mystery of Who You Are. It’s an eBook that will take an hour or so to read and is intended to help you see the importance of redirecting faulty mindsets and making new ones to not only uncover your best self but help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

4Inside you’ll walk through one of my paradigms (mindsets) that looks at the ideal woman mentality. This particular mindset is one of the big guns for me and I have been dealing with it on multiple levels for a good ten years.

There is still more to uncover, but I find each time I deal with a new area, I experience another level of freedom from that paradigm and my health, relationships and emotions are impacted in really positive ways.

At present the book is about to be redrafted thanks to the support and feedback of a couple of dozen beta readers.

I couldn’t have made the book better and more resourceful without their feedback and am excited to get it ready for publication as soon as possible.


If I don’t do anything else of value with my life I want to ensure that the words I speak resonate with you, influence your thinking in a positive and life changing way and empower you to find your best self.

So how do you make sure you get a copy when it’s available? I’ll be posting again to this page closer to the date but the best way would be to subscribe for an early bird discount and get a promo code so you can buy the book at half price.

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You can also follow along at Facebook where I run a special group called Awakened to Be You, that focusses on empowering women to find their best self.

Awakened Group Invite for Website

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