Be Inspired

I can’t help myself. I have to say things but sometimes I have so many things to say that they get backlogged.

That’s when I like to use what I’ve written and connect it visually, hopefully bringing encouragement and inspiration to others.

So these thoughts are just a few of my collection. More to come. Please share and pin and email and tweet and whatever else you want to do.

If you like these, I have a little eBook that I created last year that has more. You can take a look here on my store. 

Thanks for your support!

Just leave my words intact. I love to follow those who support me as well. Just sayin…

Be a blessing,


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Standing as one by Miriam E. Miles


Scars quote by Miriam E. Miles (3)


I am a force by Miriam E. Miles

Jessica Rabbit by Miriam E. Miles

Deep thoughts carefully caged by Miriam E. Miles (1)

Acknowledge your choices by Miriam E. Miles

2. Plant your seed Plant another seed
Thoughts from Awakened to Be You

Don't Lose the Plot

Think ahead


I am okay Linkedin


Treasure the Treasure by Miriam E Miles


Being happy to lose is as important as wanting to win





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