Miriam E. Miles, WriterMiriam E. Miles is a writer, speaker, and poet who questions the way mental health, relationship, faith, and physical health intersect, with a particular focus on mental wellness from a Christian perspective. With the intention of drawing people away from the status quo and into a unique view of living life to the fullest she discusses core subjects such as faith, identity, self-worth, mental illness and wellness, and acceptance.

Miriam’s heart is to reach people of all generations, cultures, and walks of life, motivating each one to consider living a deeper faith-based journey and being enabled to take hold of the gift of life and reconciliation God has given us.

She is a wife, mother to two strapping lads, mother-in-law and grandma to two exceptionally transfixing granddaughters. When not writing, Miriam can be found at the piano, in a coffee shop, or wandering down some obscure laneway on a city day-trip.

She is available to speak at your school, church, community or business event and will tailor topics to suit your desired focus.

For more information:

Email: memilesauthor@gmail.com
Phone: 0410 874 674

Facebook @miriammileswriter
Instagram @miriam.e.miles

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