What is it that we search for? What drives us to keep working at being good, being the best, being right, being fulfilled? Why do we chase approval and shun failure? What is it that we are afraid of when we see ourselves? Who are we trying to be? And why do we crave intimacy, revel in experience and desire genuine connection?

Enter for these and more explorations of things unknown …

Phoenix – An abstract poetic autobiography



Phoenix is an abstract poetic autobiography chronicling my journey through mental illness, fighting the battle and coming out into a new awakening of who I am.

  • Phoenix by Miriam E Miles - The Colliding
  • Poles, Miriam E. Miles

What readers are saying…

“Phoenix took me by surprise both visually and intellectually”

“Authentic, transparent and raw”

“I love ‘normal’ poetry, but found that I could appreciate your style in a different way.”

“Moving and eloquent. Looking forward to Volume 2!”


3 Narrative Prose Introductions to each Part

56 Original poems

Bonus Thank you note with handwritten unpublished poem

Bonus Unique Frequencies Album (link in back of book) – 12 spontaneously recorded instrumental tracks for meditation and soaking.